Gain insight into which cyber risks are putting your organization in a vulnerable position


Most businesses struggle to identify various weaknesses in their security program. We developed an innovative solution that helps gain insight into which cyber risks are putting the organization in a vulnerable position along with a prioritized remediation plan. Cyberator is the first integrated governance, risk and compliance solution of its kind, ensuring you can catch problems before they become problems. Get empowered with actionable, accurate data, swiftly identifying vulnerabilities and security weaknesses so you can take informed action and elevate your security posture.

Cyberator provides the essential elements of a GRC platform and is also a great solution to manage other areas of an information security program, such as vulnerability management, policy management, security incidents, and vendor risk.

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What can Cyberator do for you?

Build Best-in-Class Security Program

Align your Information Security Program with NIST Cybersecurity Framework & other well known global standards. Learn more

Improve Privacy Program Maturity

Seamlessly navigate through complex patchwork of global and local privacy laws and regulations. Assess & identify areas in need of improvement. Learn more

Boost Your Compliance

No more operating off of spreadsheets, email, and zip files. Utilize a streamlined workflow that assess the effectiveness of controls across different domains with robust digital audit trails. Learn more

Address Third-Party Risk

Arm yourself with greater insight into which third-party risks are putting your organization in a vulnerable position and need to be prioritized for mitigation. Learn more

Ready to elevate your cyber security measures?

But don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say

“As a cybersecurity practitioner, Cyberator offers me a drastic reduction of time in a risk assessment, and it gives me a broader range of governance and cybersecurity frameworks to work with. The comprehensiveness of the tool, the ease of use, and the web-enabled self-guided mode also provides me with the independence to use it with internal or external resources. It is the first automated diagnostic tool I see that leapfrogs the organization into very rapid action, based on the scores and analysis in the reports”
Former CIO/CTO State of Hawaii / Director, Cyber Defense Alliance

“Any organization would benefit from the insights Cyberator can provide and actionable plans to work from. It provides the essential elements of a GRC platform but is also a great solution to manage other areas of an information security program such as vulnerability management, security incidents, and vendor risk”
VP Information Security, Freeman

Did you know?

Cyberator provides over 301% ROI based on savings from streamlined processes, automation, reduction of headcount and opportunity costs.

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