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Everything you need to get started on your organization's IT compliance certification - right out-of-box!

Who is it for?

Any organization can us the Certificate in a Box®. However,  it is best suited for organizations that are starting to build their compliance programs or looking to get certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, CMMC, HITRUST and many more.

What does it include?
  • Step-by-step certification guidance
  • Gap assessment for your certification
  • Pre-built certification project with the controls library set-up – just assign the audit tasks, collaborate and collect the evidence
  • Twenty (20) IT/Security custom developed policy templates
  • 5 hours of advisory consulting

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    Managing a complex compliance project with spreadsheets and manual processes is really cumbersome. There’s a better way with Cyberator® GRC, an innovative platform for managing internal and external assessments, document management, audit task assignments and collaboration.

    Cyberator®  can reduce hundreds of hours of manual work and streamline the process. Once the evidence collection is done, your auditor can log into the tool to review control related evidence and attestation notes.  No matter what IT certification you plan to obtain, Cyberator has you covered.

    Cyberator was so helpful in our Soc 2 prep. Sailed through the audit!
    Robin Weldon Cope
    Co-Founder @ Kinetic Change | Former Sr. Director @ Mytonomy

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