User Case: Cybersecurity risk assessment

A crucial aspect of cyber risk management is conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment. This process involves identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in an organization’s technology infrastructure and systems, as well as with processes and people. As a next step, we need to evaluate their potential impact, and prioritizing them for mitigation efforts.

Cyberator helps you test your cybersecurity readiness and develop your roadmap with just three steps –

  1. Complete assessment
  2. Review report and mitigation plan
  3. Take action

Cyberator measures your current and desired target state of maturity against cybersecurity capabilities. Developed by security experts, the tool uses industry expertise, data-driven analysis and industry best practices to transform your security program management and empower impactful business decisions. Zartech’s best of breed security framework combines NIST, ISO 2700x, SANS Top 20 Controls, CIS Critical Security Controls, COBIT, HIPAA, PII, and PCI among other components to ensure all areas of security are considered and covered.

Cybersecurity risk assessment