The many different ways to benefit from using Cyberator

Key Organizational Use Cases

Explore how a leading-edge technology solution can create uniformity across an entire enterprise and lead to significant cost savings. Here are some use case examples.

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Integrated Risk Management

Combines various aspects like risk assessment, mitigation strategies, & compliance management into one platform

IT Compliance and Controls Monitoring

Adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, align IT operations with internal policies, identify and mitigate risks associated with IT, implement and test controls and much more

Project Planning
IT Audit Automation

No more operating off of spreadsheets, email, and zip files. Utilize a streamlined workflow that assesses the effectiveness of controls across different domains with robust digital audit trails

Third-part vendor risk management
Third-party Vendor Risk Management

Assess and monitor the security and compliance of your third-party vendors, ensuring that they do not pose a risk to your organization’s cybersecurity posture

IT Security Risk Assessment
IT Security Risk Assessment

Conduct regular risk assessments of your security program – identifying and remediate vulnerabilities, ensuring that customer data and infrastructure is secure from cyber threats

Security roadmap
Security Roadmap Development

Align your Information Security Program with NIST Cybersecurity Framework & other well known global standards and build-out a world class security program

Reporting to Board of Directors
Board Reporting and Decision Making

Obtain the insights needed for informed decisions about cybersecurity investments and strategies, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives.

Policy & Procedure Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your policies and procedures with workflow automation, and be audit-ready

Data Privacy Assessment

Find the current state of your privacy regulation compliance, analyze your business policies, processes and technology, and identify areas in need of improvement

Data Modeling Tool
Data Modeling To Meet Privacy Regulations

Seamlessly navigate through complex patchwork of global and US state privacy laws/ regulations and obtain general guidance based on PII used in your organization

Incident Management
Incident Response and Reporting

Manage the incident response process – includes immediate containment actions, investigation, and reporting to the relevant authorities in compliance with data breach notification laws

Trust Center
Build Trust With Your Customers

Build your external facing Security Trust Center and automate your document request workflows so your users and prospects have access to what they need immediately

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Import over your vulnerability scan report and then prioritize, assign and mitigate the vulnerabilities taking a risk-based approach

Meet DoD's Information Security Requirements

Easily comply with DoD’s CMMC certification requirements to safeguard information that supports and enables our warfighters

Merger and Acquisition
Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Assess and identify any potential risks or compliance issues that need to be addressed before finalizing the merger or acquisition deal