Service Provider Use Case

Empower your customers to achieve security compliance and expand your business

As Managed Service Providers and virtual CISOs you play a crucial role in helping businesses protect their digital assets, data, and IT infrastructure. Cyberator enables you to offer ongoing risk assessment and compliance services to your customer.


What can you offer?

IT Security Risk Assessment

Provide Security Risk Assessments

Conduct security risk assessments on your client’s security program using our automated diagnostic tool and provide pre-built custom report.  

Implement Compliance Program

Leverage Cyberator’s automated compliance platform to build-out your client’s GRC program

Conduct IT Audit

No more operating off of spreadsheets, email, and zip files. Utilize a streamlined workflow that assess the effectiveness of controls across different domains with robust digital audit trails

Certificate in a Box

Everything you need to offer IT Security certification – right out-of-box. Includes step-by-step certification guidance, gap assessment, pre-built certification project and 20 IT/Security policy templates

Revenue Sharing: We’ll pay you for the lifetime of every Cyberator solution you help us sell. Since customers stay with us for years - you can expect getting multiple payments from every single account you bring our way.